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Music for Video

By George Kingsnorth & Hanna Suckley. 27h January 2016


There comes a point when you have been editing a video, where you know that just the right piece over music will really set it off. However, this can be just the beginning of a major headache. Using any music can be okay if you project is going no further than your own edit suit but that's not the reason you are making this video, is it? The whole purpose of making a video is so that you can share it with other, present it to an audience, have it shown on telly or screened at the cinema.

Where ever the video is being shown, it is deemed to be a “performance” of the music included. Therefore, legally, you as the video producer have to have a “synchronisation” license to allow you to edit the music against the images in your project.

In our digital world there are so many different outlets for your video to be distributed that it becomes a very time consuming activity to chase after all the performance royalties that need to be paid to music composers and publishing companies. To solve this problem “collection societies” were set up to manage this process. Theses societies are called Performing Rights Organisations (PRO) who issue a single license for a fee and then divide the money between the various bodies associated with creating the music. This process is now an international affair with so much music crossing different territories globally.

Now, some may say they don't want to bother with all this fuss. In the 1990s I heard a story where a company have done this, thinking they would be below the radar. The company produced VHS tape 14,000 copies and distributed them. Unfortunately, they were caught out and, at their own expense, had to recall all 14,000 copies and have then destroyed. Now if each copy cost £10 then they lost £140,000 just on the copies alone. Not including the cost of production which would have been around £10,000.

Today, YouTube is the largest video sharing website in the world, allowing users to upload, view and share videos. If you're growing your presence on YouTube, you'll find that using music in the background of your YouTube video will give it a polished feel, convey emotion and engage viewers. But you can't just use any music in your YouTube video.

If you don't license music from a reputable production music company YouTube will flag a 'Matched Third Party Content' notice on your video. The owner of the music can then force ads on to your video and take all the income from those ads. If your video goes viral, you don't want your competitor's ads running on top of your video! Also you won't be able to monetize the video yourself. YouTube uses various tracking technologies such as the Content ID System to scan for the unlicensed use of music. So, it's important to always purchase music from a music library that licenses music for YouTube and online use.

That's why we've teamed up with Cinephonix music ( to provide you with access to 1000's of tracks to license for your videos. Sign up to their site and enter 'Gullion Media' in the 'Who Referred You?' box and they will email you an exclusive discount code to use when purchasing music for video.

Now when you consider that a single use “synchronisation” license can cost as little as $48, then that's a big saving. Such a license will allow you to “perform” you video on-line, such as through YouTube or Vimeo, for corporate and promotional videos, and even for weddings.

What is even more exciting is that Gullion Media has joined up with Cinephonix to develop a new course to explain the 'ins' and 'outs' of the whole process to help guide you through what can be a tricky mine-field. If check-out Cinephonix's website you can find a wealth of information and a full library of music that can help you complete your video to a professional standard. Even better, when you sign up to their site and enter 'Gullion Media' in the 'Who Referred You?' box they will e-mail you an exclusive discount code to help you bring down the costs of your video production.

So why not click on the link below and discover the full range of music Cinephonix has available and claim your discount code using 'Gullion Media'?