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Boys of the Bluehill Hornpipe (Irish Traditional Music)

By George Kingsnorth


It is hard to belief a week ago I started a train of thoughts on my Facebook account the has begun to generate, not only a story idea but also a small portfolio of artwork. So today I'm going to take you through the process.

The beginning was to set out the concept that John Truby uses to develop story structure by working out seven key elements or steps associated with the protagonist of a story. These are:

  1. Weakness and need
  2. Desire
  3. Opponents
  4. Plan
  5. Battle
  6. Self-revelation
  7. New Equilibrium.

The name of the character came first. Antonio.

On Facebook, a friend suggested his need was for money and his weakness gambling. It was suggested that he need to be reminded to change his ways before he lost his family and home. Antonio's situation may have come about due to losing his job, especially at this uncertain time. However, with his family behind him he begins to look into setting up his own business, but this is tough, especially when it comes to keeping the cash flow going.

When it came to his opponents, there were suggestions that it might be his boss (who sacked him and also could continue to be a problem if Antonio is trying to set up a rival company i.e. you do what you know and maybe what he is good at is what he did during his last job?). It could also be a gambling company boss, who he owes money to. Another suggestion was that an ex-girlfriend had loaned him $50,000 and now needed her money back, compounding the situation.

For the plan, three suggestions came that a) he robs a bank, b) he steals a racehorse and c) he enters into an underground boxing match.

From Udemy came an idea that Antonio has lost more than he could afford in a spontaneous poker game. While sitting in a coffee booth trying to eat, he overhears a discussion in the next booth. The two men argue over a big cover-up that is about to be exposed which could ruin their company's stock value and increase another. Spying the company name on their ID badges as they leave, Antonio rushes to invest on the rival company that was also mention in the hope his stocks value would go up. The next day, the reverse happens. The value of his investments drops making his situation worse!

Another suggestion indicated that he was successful and everything worked out well. The only problem here is that this would be where the stories ends as there is not conflict. Without conflict we do not hook our audience into wandering how the protagonist will get out of another mess. So there has to be another problem that spins the story onward.

This is where we are so far, with battle, self-evaluation and new equilibrium still to do, but in the process I managed to produce a few visuals to help stimulate the conversation and interaction.


I quickly sketched out Antonio at a casino. I first drew the image using a ballpoint pen and then coloured it using PhotoShop. Then I got another image in my head of Antonio wishing to escape his ex-girlfriend and a bookie.

For this the image started of as three Daz3D figures rendered out individually and then composed in Photoshop.

Anotnio_Bookie_Ref001 Anotnio_Wife_Ref003 Antonio_Scared_001

These three images were then hand drawn.
Antonio_Boss003 Antonio_Boss004 Antonio_Boss005

I began to composite them together in PhotoShop.


Then I felt I needed something else in the background and drew a 1956 car and coloured in PhotoShop.

Antonio_Car006 Antonio_Car006b
The other elements were then colorised. You can see the steps taken in the short 5 second video below.

As the image of the car was too sharp I added a Gaussian Blur just to knock it back a bit and then added lens flare filters to the three street lamps. Providing the final image as seen below:


The image is by no means perfect. I am planning, for the next visual, to do just outlines for the drawing and use colour as the shadows in PhotoShop. I also need to work on developing my skills in drawing hands and feet. So a bit more practice is on the cards. However, this was fun to do and at the end of the day it is all about creating art and stimulating ideas for discussion.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and I'll have more updates in the following weeks.

All the best