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Rowan Hand handed first copy of 'Caritas et amor'.

By George Kingsnorth


With great anticipation Rowan Hand and I met up with Jonathan Megarry, managing director of Nicholson Bass, to receive the first copy of Rowan's new book 'Caritas et Amor ... in the footsteps of love'. The lunchtime gathering took place in the Harlem Cafe, Bedford Street, Belfast. For Rowan this was the realisation of a 12 year project helping to support children in both Africa and India. The book is dedicated to St. Mary's Primary School and all proceeds from this publication will be given to further the development of schools in those far off lands. The genesis of this journey, for Rowan, came when he was assigned to make a television documentary exploring the work of the Society of African Missions. This experience and a calling to rescue a tiny boy, with physical challenges in India, changed his live. As a journalist, Rowan reported his experiences in both pictures and words. This volume provides an opportunity to share in the lives of those who helped to shape Rowan's early years through to the struggles of the peoples of Africa and India, and how through education their lives are being build for the future. Even in hardship, what you will see beaming out from the pages, are the smiles of the children and their parents. If you are interested in finding out more about Rowan's book please e-mail me at Watch the promo video on our recent blog.