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By George Kingsnorth

At the moment, one of the books I am reading is on assertiveness. Which is about looking after one’s self-interests, by respecting those around[…]

Catching up

By George Kingsnorth

So much has been done in the last six months, it is hard to know where to begin. I have write up the script for […]

Avoiding Distractions

By George Kingsnorth

A major problem at work is getting distracted. Often our offices are open plan, with people coming in and out. The phone rings or notifications come of new e-mails. Our lives seem so cluttered. Quite often, at the days end we haven’t achieved our intentions. So how to solve this problem? Start with setting your[…]

Rowan Hand handed first copy of 'Caritas et amor'.

By George Kingsnorth

With great anticipation Rowan Hand and I met up with Jonathan Megarry, managing director of Nicholson Bass, to receive the first copy of Rowan's new book 'Caritas et Amor ... in the footsteps of love'. The lunchtime gathering took place in[…]

Constructing a life worth living.

By George Kingsnorth

Part of my personal research has been looking into coaching psychology. Using Palmer & Whybrow’s Handbook of Coaching Psychology (2008), I have gone over a range of techniques used in coaching that coincides with theories used in facilitating adult learners in further education. Three particular strands of coaching psychology seemed appealing due[…]

The importance of talking.

By George Kingsnorth

If we are prevented from talking, we cannot think things through and are forced to just do. Then we are in a constant sense of fight or flight and become enslaved. A conversation at coffee time can help us solve problems but if we have no time to meet and talk, problems can escalate. We[…]

Beyond the Beyonds – A Retrospective (1962-2016) by John Kingerlee

By George Kingsnorth

In July 2016 the Beara Arts Festival hosted ‘Beyond the Beyonds – A Retrospective (1962-2016) by John Kingerlee. This video provides a brief summary of the speeches by Ros Drinkwater and Alannah Hopkin at the launch of the exhibition. Marcus O’Sullivan was the curator and, art consultant, Larry Powell is the Patron to the artist.[…]

‘Caritas Et Amour .. in the footsteps of love’ by Rowan Hand.

By George Kingsnorth

Dear Friends, The book is called: “Caritas et Amor, In the Footsteps of Love” and you can “google” the Gullion Media promotional video: caritas et amor promo Go well dear friends in the midst of many blessings. Rowan Hand Change of contact details:[…]

When time comes to listen?

By George Kingsnorth

For the past few weeks the news on all channels and different countries have indicated how uncertain life has become. We see war in Syria, with increasing hostilities between Russia and the United Stated. Members of the British government are encouraging people to demonstrate out side Russian embassies while others woulds like to shoot down[…]

Antonio’s story deepens.

By George Kingsnorth

On Udemy this week I gave a recap of how the story was developing. “So last week Antonio, who had a weakness for gambling and needed money as he desired to set up his own business, but had borrow $50,000 from his ex-girl-friend and a bookie, has three plans to either a) rob a bank, b)[…]

Developing a story.

By George Kingsnorth

It is hard to belief a week ago I started a train of thoughts on my Facebook account the has begun to generate, not only a story idea but also a small portfolio of artwork. So today I’m going to take you through the process. The beginning was to set out the concept that John[…]

Music for Video.

By George Kingsnorth & Hanna Suckley.

There comes a point when you have been editing a video, where you know that just the right piece over music will really set it off. However, this can be just the beginning of a major headache. Using any music can be okay if you project[…]

Getting the question wrong.

By George Kingsnorth

It started out quite innocently. We were sitting in the Golf Inn participating in a Pub Quizz. The funds were going to a local hospice and the question was on psychology. “You’re up, George. That’s your bag,” came the vocal opinion from another ream member. “Whose experiments in 1963 determined obedience is a result[…]

Something is brewing…

By George Kingsnorth

You know, I can feel it in my bones, and it’s not just the Arctic wind ripping through my cabin. Something else is welling up inside me. I want to tell a story. I want to write and produce a script or a book. Now starting a story is not just a case of scripting[…]

Postcards Across The Atlantic

By George Kingsnorth

This is a re-edit of the film I made in 2008. When a group of Northern Irish lecturers visited their American colleagues at the Sandhill Community College after exchanging Postcards for over a year, that then formed a piece of cultural art, set up by Denise Baker.