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Frequently Asked Questions

What experience do you have?

I have 33 years professional experience working in television, media training and corporate production. Through being trained as an editor by the BBC, I have enjoyed many years working in post-production.

Why are you getting making videos now?

My main focus is in storytelling and the rise of digital filmmaking has introduced a quality of storytelling, especially in documentary form, which is quite appealing to contemporary filmmakers. Documentary and corporate films are an important social commentary and is worth investing in.

Will you come out to discuss our film?

Yes. This is a critical part of the process. Coming out to discuss the corporate film helps me to discover what your main focus is and how you would like to have the film shaped. We can also discuss genres you like. We can also discuss which part of your business is most meaningful to you and consider how best to make your film.

What types of music can we use?

Any type you like. The Performing Rights Society for Music (PRS for Music) offers a range of Licences to cover MCPS and PPL rights. This rate depends on the number of copies of your film you wish to have distribute. We can find licences that allow your film to be available on line such as on Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube.

How long does the film take to edit?

Editing takes longer than most people realise. However, as a general rule one day of filming usually takes about 3 - 4 days to edit depending on the complexities. If it is a simple interview with cutaways this should take less time. With complex animation and motion-graphics the process will take longer.

How long will the finished film be?

This depends on the project. A short form film can take a few days to edit but time also has to be taken into consideration for the client and their colleagues to view a draft of the film and give us feedback for any necessary changes.

A 30 minute documentary can take 3 - 4 weeks to edit and feature length films anything from 8 to 12 weeks.

Who edits your films?

Mostly the editing is done by myself. Though I have many contacts in the television industry, so on occasions I will hire other professional editors to work on projects. These editors will have similar experiences to myself as professional editors.

How much deposit is required?

A deposit of 50% is requested to secure a booking. The funds need to be fully cleared in the bank to guarantee the date has been booked.

When is the final instalment due?

The final payment is requested on delivery of the complete film.

What happens if we have to cancel?

If a booking is cancelled, payments made up until the point of cancellation will be non-refundable. If possible and subject to availability, cancelled bookings can be transferred to an alternative date. Outstanding payments will be moved over to a new client date. I will accommodate a change in wedding date. In the event of any money being taken in error, a full refund will be provided.
For more information on cancellations please read the Terms & Conditions, Section 13.

What about health and safety issues?

Health and safety is everybody's responsibility. Therefore both Gullion Media Limited and our Customers have to be compliant with all relevant health and safety acts in the production any film or video.

How soon should we book?

To be able to give the most effective product, planning ahead is crucial, so the more time you can give us to do preparation the better. However, this is not always possible so the best things is to contact us and discuss the project as soon as possible so we can determine how feasible the project is within the timeframe available. We do reserve the right to turn projects if we feels they cannot be accomplished to our usual professional standards.

What are your terms and conditions?

Our terms and conditions can be found here.