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What we have created

With over 30 years experiences in broadcast and video production, especially as an editor, my passion is for storytelling through digital film.

These films are just a small sample of the work I have produced, showing the style of my filmmaking.

MQ Animated Extract (2017)

This is an extract from my feature film 'The Quest for Montgomery Aloysius'.

Music by

Lost Frontier by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (




Hero's Theme by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (



CaritasEtAmor (2016)

Rowan Hand's new book 'Caritas Et Amor .. in the footsteps of love'. This is a 3D animated promotional video.

How safe is your e-mail? (2014)

A promotional video for Aperi Solutions. Blender 3D and Carrara Studio Pro were the two main software packages used for the 3D work. Compositing was done in Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. The project took three weeks to produce.

Avoiding Distractions (2017)

A major problem at work is getting distracted. Often our offices are open plan, with people coming in and out. The phone rings or notifications come of new e-mails. Our lives seem so cluttered. Quite often, at the days end we haven’t achieved our intentions. So how to solve this problem? This video makes a few suggestions.

Scribble Animation Test1- Thunderbirds (2017)

This is a test scribble animation where I did a screencast of some drawings produced in Photoshop based on sketches I produce over 20 years. ago.

001 Newry Film Club - History (2017)

This short video goes through the recent history of the Newry Film Club, talking about the achievements and those who have been involved. (Music - 'Foundation' by Vibe Tracks, part of the YouTube Audio Library)

002 Newry Film Club - Martin's Story (2017)

This year the Newry Film Club has adopted the Simon Community in Newry, so the money raised through our screens will go to their cause. Here is a story about how the charity works to provide homes for the homeless and the support they provide when it is really needed.

The music is from the YouTube Audio Library. Here are more details: V for Victory by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( Artist:

003 Newry Film Club - Year Ahead (2017)

This short video explores what the Newry Film Club has planned for the following year, including details of the Short Film Competition to be held in November. The closing date is Friday 13th October 2017. The video indicated the theme chosen for this year.

Music is by Silent Partner - 'Rooftops' which is from the Youtube Audio Library.

Kelly Brothers

Company Promotional Video (2016)

(We can also organise drone footage)

Building Bridges for a Better Future (2016)

This is the story about the Narrow Water Crossing between Omeath and Warrenpoint, where a bridge had been planned.

Leviathan of the sea (2014)

Saga Pearl 2 arriving at

Warrenpoint, July 2014

Caritas et Amor (2014)

A promo video for a new book

coming out in mid-January 2017.

George Kingsnorth Showreel (2014)

My new showreel, made from a range of projects I have worked on since 2006.

Newry Film Festival 2013 Promotional Video. (2013)

The promotional video to launch the 2nd Newry Film Festival 2013 from Monday 16th September to Saturday 21st September 2013. Hope you can come an join us?

Castletownbere, West Cork (2016)

Beyond the Beyonds - A Retrospective

John Kingerlee Exhibition in July 2016

Bleeding Pines of Turpentine (2014)

Extract from 2014 edit of a feature documentary set in North Carolina exploring the threats to the Longleaf Pines over the past two centuries.

Crossing the Atlantic (2008)

Documentary about the development

of an exhibition based on Postcards (2007)

Building, Voicing & Tuning of the Kenneth Jones Skrabl Organ (2016)

This documentary was produced by Gerry Doherty, the organist, who wanted to record the restoration of the organ in St. Mary's in the Parish of Maghera, in Newcastle, County Down. Gerry ask me to help him out with some of the filming and editing. So the introduction and conclusion was short and edit by myself. The rest of the film was produced by Gerry using his iPad. This was a joy to work on.

Making Silent Whispers (2009)

A documentary about how the BTEC National Diploma students went about making 'Silent Whispers' back in 2008-2009

All I've Ever Known: Margaret Gallagher's Story (1992)

Documentary produced by John Callister, which I was the film editor, for the BBC many years ago that was very popular in its day. Margaret Gallagher from Belcoo, Co Fermanagh, enjoys her rural lifestyle, living without modern amenities. This was shot on 16mm film.

The Quest for Montgomery Aloysius (2017)

Extract from feature drama

Silent Whispers (2009)

Short drama film with students studying for a BTEC National Diploma in Creative Media Studies.

Fiddler's Walk (2006)

An American architect inherits an Irish pub but when she tries to renovate the locals revolt. Two extracts from feature drama.

One Night (2001)

A short film produced in 2001 that was screened at the Cork Film Festival in 2002 and the TIC Short Digital Film Festival 2003 in Birmingham. Noteworthy, Sarah Dylan who appears in 'One Night', took the lead role in 'Fiddler's Walk' in 2005.

In Search Of Montgomery Aloysius (2015)

A request for help on our Open Source Movie "The Quest of Montgomery Aloysius". We are hoping to get this no-budget digital feature film ready for its first screen at the Newry Film Club on 27th March 2015.

001 - Texture-mapping a circle object then align object to camera (2017)

This is a Blender Tutorial showing how to texture-map a circle object and then aligning the object so it continuously faces a camera object.

002 - Flames (2017)

In this tutorial a Quick Smoke effect is used to create the exhaust flame for a rocket.

003 - Composition (2017)

In this tutorial a rocket and moon object are set up as a composition using a Blender camera. The process is a little tricky but is achieved through nudging the various elements into position.

004 - Cloud & Sky (2017)

This tutorial in Blender 2.78c shows how to add primitive objects to create clouds and to change the background colour.

Lecture 07 Types of shot . (2014)

A short video tutorial on the different types of shots used in the language of film and video production.

Lecture 06 - Think about telling a story. (2014)

How to tell a story others will watch? This video will form part of the on-line course I am developing on 'Basic video techniques for Families' on

Day 5 photography challenge (2014)

This update for Day 5 takes you through a simple technique I have been using on my images in Photoshop CC to add more contract using a black and white layer over a colour layer. Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching.

Research Techniques (2016)

This video looks at research techniques used in the media industries and is designed to help Level 3 students understand some of the processes involved, such as Primary Sources, Secondary Sources, Qualitative and Quantitative Research methods.

Day12 Blender Games Engine (2011)

Working in Blender 2.58a to test out the rigging system Rigify. I built an US Aircraft Carrier and going through some tutorials working with Blender's physics system in the games engine. This was part of the development for Monty's Quest.

Roman Soldier Character Project (2011)

This presentation is of a time-lapse video recording the basic design in Photoshop Elements and construction in Blender 2.58a. The character was modelled and then rigged in Blender using Rigify an Add-On feature in the 3D package. Over all the process took about three days to accomplish. I intend developing the technique for WWI British and German soldiers for a separate scene in 'Monty's Quest' (the digital feature film I am currently working on).

Behind the Barricades (2017)

Live version of a song that originally appeared on David Rovic's CD, Hang A Flag In The Window, in 2002.

Morten Lauridsen in Ireland (2016)

Part of the Rostrevor Choral Festival

which took place in June.